Sunday, June 16, 2013

Used Gifts Are Kinda Awesome

We gave hubby his Fathers Day present early so he could enjoy it. I know we are a few years behind, but he finally got his PSIII.

The grin on his face was priceless.

He's a good man, and he has been working non-stop for all of us so the kids and I agreed that sacrifices must be made. We still had to go used, but it was a limited edition so it is white, sleek, and has 500 gigs of memory.

So it's kinda awesome.

The kid who bought it didn't like it because it was too round, so he traded it in after a few weeks. We'll get by.

We've been broke for a long time. You learn to get by without a lot of things.

My kids still played with an original NES system for years. The only reason we have a Wii is because it was a gift. We have a few PS2s that have been given to us as family and friends upgraded to newer systems.

We dig hand me downs.

And I just realized that both of our TVs were donated as well.

My kids have been telling me lately that they didn't know that they were poor until someone else told them. More importantly, they didn't care.

We live in a community of people who are struggling. We have friends who have far greater struggles than we do. My kids have friends who have never even had a new outfit.

They thought that we were middle class.


I know some who would be screaming foul at a used gift, but he never has. Neither have I.

There are many holidays on the past few years where we have had nothing for each other but love. We always focus on the kids and try to give them a good Holiday.

Our kids didn't even know that we were poor until the last few years because when they needed something they got it. When they really really wanted something, we tried our best to make it happen. We had friends and family to help. We bought used.

Yeah, sometimes being poor sucks.

But it's usually not so bad.

The kids wanted to reward their dad for all that he does for all of us. My hubby and kids played video games together all day. They are an awesome team and work together on missons well. It's fun to watch.

Would it have been any better if it was new?

More family time.

Goal accomplished.

Ed, if I could give you the world I would. We all would.


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