Thursday, June 13, 2013

Most Embarassing Parenting Moment

So, yesterday I laid a bet that my Edsilius would fire my son because it my hubby is a damn tough boss, and my son has very little construction experience. All family connections cease to exist once you are on the job site. He really did fire me multiple times, and I see just spots to be there because he broke his wrist. He want paying me, but he worked me like the rest of the crew.

He's tough, but Justin is hacking it...

To honor this bet I promised to share my most embarrassing parenting story... so I owe him a really embarassing story.

I'm going to go with how I handled it rather than the actual story because its one of those Afternoon Delight kinda things.

(Stop now if you would like to avoid the imagary)

The short version: a perfect record of nineteen years shattered by my husbands recent habit of knocking on the wall when he's in bed and wants to talk to one of the kids.

So, bad idea.

Forgetting to lock the door. Even worse.

So. After the initial reaction of what the hells and other not so pleasant moments, there was a quick exit and stunned silence then we couldn't stop laughing. I laugh a lot when I'm embarrassed, and by the time I got control of myself my jaw hurt.

I realized I had to say or do something. This was one of those time to act like a parent moments. So I got myself together, and called the kid in... "I'm so, so, so, so, sorry that happened. I apologize, but... this is also why we knock."

We looked at each other for the most akward of moments before agreeing to never speak of it again.

Another quick exit. Now Ed can't stop laughing at me.

We were supposed to be taking a quick nap before dinner. Which meant, I had to go make dinner.

There's only one problem. I laugh uncontrollably when I'm embarrassed and we still had to look each other in the eye while making dinner. It didn't take long for everyone to catch on.

I'll pay for their counseling if needed and I still have the urge to apologize every time I see them but something kind of unexpected happened.

There has been a lot of tension lately between myself and this particular child but the laughter was contagious. Not to mention the fact that I blushed for an entire evening. When you have both been caught in such a vulnerable position, it's hard to go on like nothing happened.

It isn't like we talk about it, but when you can't look at each other without giggling and blushing it's hard to hold on to bitterness.

Even now things are somehow... better.

Most embarrassing, certainly... but we used it to better the relationship.

Lessons learned the hard way, but still learned. Don't send signals that can be confused. Always, always knock and wait to be invited, and get a strong lock.

Check, check and check.

Let's not have to repeat this lesson, ever.

I apologize for any trauma that might have caused you as well. I would be glad to refer you to a mental health hotline if the image persists.

But, it was my most embarrassing moment in nineteen years by far.



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