Monday, June 3, 2013

Are We Adults or Children?

It was just one of those bizarre conversations that we have with the drama crew, they have the oddest forms of communication. Instead of just saying something outright its always these snarky under the breath comments. 

Today, they asked if "the bad kid" was with me, meaning the one who is grounded of course...


God forbid we just say what is on our minds directly. Sometimes I have a really hard time telling who are the adults and who are the children here ...

They have no idea the toll this had taken on my family, what it has done to my children, my marriage, my life... nor do they care. The ball is in their court, it has been all along and they keep choosing to do nothing. 

Except make passive aggressive comments.

I never asked for all of the responsibility they have given me but I don't have much of a choice. Kids need to be kids, and they didn't ask for any of this either. 

I want this to end as much as they do. But I'm not the one refusing to do anything to fix it.


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