Monday, June 10, 2013

Population Update

All four kids are home and it is going remarkably well...

It's kind of weird.

The step sibling problems are still there of course, we are still very careful to keep everybody attended at all times and have to make some pretty creative arrangements. Thankfully we have a Sugar to provide a second home and third and fourth adult to keep them all straight.

They have all been assigned an area of responsibility in the house, and it's actually staying clean-ish. Mystery is in charge of the kitchen and it looks amazing. Justin and Jaid switch out laundry room and cat box depending on who worked that day. They are all responsible for the bathroom. I am trying to move this experiment to the outside of the house now, but all in good time...

Ed has been taking Jaid to work with him. It's giving him a chance to work with her on some things one on one, and really bond with her. I am already noticing a huge difference in her personality. I think it is partly just the having a job and being a responsible almost adult that is making her stand taller but whatever it is... it is noticible.

 Brooke is over almost every day visiting her bus Ghost. They are all spending a lot of time out there trying to learn the in's and out's of Volkswagens. It's a learning experience for everybody. Ed and Brooke are busy making plans, and she is loving it.

I think she bought a project car intentionally, just so they could sneak some bonding time in.

Brooke is still living in that safety hazard of a camper and I hate it... but she loves it. So she is a part time resident here and part time with Sugar. We still see each other almost every day...

So current population count: 3 full time teenagers, 1 adult here most of the time. Plus Ed and I, whatever we are. Two dogs, one cat, and I think that's all for now.

Blessings from chaos central.


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