Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Turning A Boy Into A Man

Tonight my son walked in looking like a man. He was covered in dirt from head to foot. He didn't walk in so much as shuffle.

The walk of the weary...

His first full day of hard labor. Man's work.

He has a goal. His sights are set.

They used to tell me to lighten up on him. That I needed to let him go and be a man. They saw the way I handled things in the moment but I don't just parent in public.

Most of what I do is done one on one, and in this case my son did object to working with my husband but privately I told him... if you want to work for yourself someday then use this. Remember how hard construction is on your body, remember how exhausting it is, remember every minute of it and use it to push yourself to the next goal.

He fell asleep at the dinner table, but he was smiling.


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