Monday, June 24, 2013

Little Girls Need Their Daddies

I never knew my father as a child. I was two when my parents divorced and sixteen when I located him again. By then, we had led very different lives.

I am grateful for the times I did have with him before he passed away, but there were not many of them to hold on to. He went far too young.

He was a good father, he gave me four awesome brothers, two lovely and talented sisters, and the best step-mom in the world.

I miss him and wish things had been different but they weren't.

It was with that in mind that I stayed in my first marriage long after it stopped being functional. That was also the reason that I made my ex promise that we would always put the children before ourselves. That we would always love the children more than we hated each other.

I wanted more than anything for my children to have a stable father in their lives. I wanted better for my children.
There are too many kids out there growing up without fathers. Too many fathers who fail to realize how important they really are in their children's lives. Too many kids who don't know how blessed they were to have what time they did with their dads, they were too busy asking what their dad could do for them to enjoy it.

I miss my dad. I've missed him my whole life.

Dads, call your kids. Kids, call your dads.

Time is shorter than you know.


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