Monday, June 10, 2013

Gluten Free Adventures in Housesitting - Justin Rocks It!

My 16 year old son just got done house sitting for my mother for a full week. When we met to do the exchange my mom and I laughed, neither of us were worried about him getting into too much mischief we didn't feel the need to check up on him constantly. He's just that kind of kid.

We knew he wouldn't party. 

Everyone agreed that the worst problems he would have is eating healthy and remembering to take a shower every day. We were right. He took good care of the house, good care of the dogs, and pretty good care of himself. He went into a TV coma and caught up on all of the shows he misses here because I refuse to get satellite.

He even remembered to eat mostly gluten free this week.

It only took a few weeks of a gluten free diet to convince him that it really was an allergy for people in our family. Many of the ongoing symptoms he had complained of are easing up. The body pain, the nausea, vomiting, and other fun digestive issues are getting better. He knows if he gets some now because his reaction is violent.

Oh, and the farting is 100% better. That kid used to be able to clear a room, and still can if he gets gluten or pork. Last night he gluten binged and his sisters kicked him out of the sleepover, but he's learning fast.

He spent a lot of that time making plans for his future and came back to me with a lot of new ideas.

Still trying to get him a computer to get started on these grand schemes, but we will get there.

Tomorrow he goes to work with my husband. I'm scared. Ed fired me three times the last time I went to work with him. Family gets even fewer breaks than the help. But I know Justin needs it. He needs to experience the life of a manual laborer for awhile so he can truly appreciate a career in technology.It's one of those man up moments where mom has to get out of the way and let dad lead.

Justin is determined to get this growing up stuff over with and a fine job it is!

(P.S. Sorry about the flatulence conversation, but I'm not going to edit it. All of these years nobody could figure out what caused his horrible gas, and all along it was gluten. Other moms must know this, perhaps their family road trips will be less odoriferous as well. HINT: Fast Food is 90% gluten)

(P.S.S. If Ed doesn't fire him at least once tomorrow I will write a blog entry about my most embarrassing mommy moments. My hubby is a hardass. Adore him, but he is a meaaaan boss and Justin, well... he's Justin.)


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