Sunday, June 2, 2013

Brooke Can Drive!

Brooke has always been extremely mature for her age. She saw things in the world that other children never even noticed.

She questioned me constantly and I let her. I would tell her that she was too young to ask those questions, but she never let up until she was satisfied.

She has always been a stubborn one.

Her plan for life is not conventional, but she knows exactly what she wants and she has a detailed plan in place for achieving it.

This weekend alone I watched her make several major steps towards adulthood.

She just had another man walk out of her life, and he brought her a great deal of joy. She will miss him dearly, but even at nineteen she knows he was not meant to stay.

She tells me that its okay, because she knows that she had to let him go to make room for another dream to come true.

This past two years I have watched her face rejection after rejection and she keeps coming back even stronger.

He hasn't even left yet and today one of those dreams came true. She refused to let go, and a small dream came true. I've never seen her so happy.

She also drove the 25 road from bottom to top and back down again, probably the most frightening road in the ara for a beginner. Uncle Larry kidnapped her and walked her through the whole thing. He's pretty awesome too.

Brookie is on her way.


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