Thursday, July 18, 2013

Divorce: The Sequel

What to say about court?

His attorney chewed me up and spit me out. I cried. It was grand.

I just wanted him to get therapy so we could just stop tiptoing around the elephants in the living room. Ten minutes in I realized there was no hope. I just gave up.

It's done.

He keeps his elephants, I keep the kids.

It isn't that I lost in court. It's that I know my kids just wanted their dad to get help so they could have a real relationship with them.

Justin got support. It will be enough to get him into the school that we found, and he earned the money for a computer to do his school work on working with Ed this summer. So we can begin that at least...

Brooke got nothing, she's still stuck.

She will lose the scholarship she wanted so badly. We can't get get her into a camper that doesn't leak. I can't pay for credits that she needs to get back into school. I can't help her get to the city so she can get a job.

If nothing else, I wanted to help Brooke get out of here. I failed at that miserably.

It was as cold as taking out the garbage.

He spoke to none of them. He said he wouldn't until they stopped ignoring him.

Mystery was so mad when she found out about Brooke that she yelled at the attorney.

She ran up to him and said thank you for ruining my family. I want to be an attorney so that I can help people, not ruin families like you.

A fourteen year old girl backed an attorney up.

It was kind of impressive.

And she lives with them.

She shouldn't have, but she just wanted to know that her siblings were taken care of. She knew this was it. We are all stuck right now, and she is here to see it. He isn't.

This was never about wrong or right, it was about admitting that there was a problem and taking steps to fix it.

But he doesn't have to get counseling.

So in short. Their father won.

I just feel like a failure.

Somehow that man always makes me this way.

But "The Divorce Sequel" is over.


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