Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrating Ten Years As A Family

-"Before God, our friends and our family,
by the life that courses within my blood
and the love that resides within my heart,
take thee to my hand,
my heart,
and my spirit,
to be my chosen one.
To desire thee
and be desired by thee,
to possess thee
and be possessed by thee.
I promise to love thee wholly
and completely
without restraint,
in sickness and in health,
in plenty and in poverty,
in life and beyond.
I shall not seek to change thee.
I shall respect thee, and thy ways
as I respect myself."

Ten years ago today we became a family. I stood before Ed and took him as my husband. My children vowed to accept him as their father. I promised to love his daughter as my own.
We've been a family officially for ten years now. His, mine, and now ours.
We added two dogs, a cat, and a whole lot of baggage a long the way but neither has had to bear the weight alone. 
Today's celebration isn't just about two people joining together, but a family being born.
Please join us in remembering our special day...


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