Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids and Jobs: Body Versus Brains

Things have been insane here for the last couple of weeks, go-go-go.

We need the money, so all warm bodies belong to Ed right now. The kids have all been going to work with Ed as laborers, and he even brought me in to help with insulation. Honestly, we are doing anything just to spend time together.

Tomorrow is the last day of this job, so he's dragging me in for the final cleanup. After this he has to go back to the out of town one again. (pouts)

Just when we get used to things being one way, they completely change again.

I think they call that life...

Mystery (my youngest daughter, 14) only made it two days working for Ed before she got fired. He was so frustrated, and he just couldn't understand why she resisted physical labor so much more than the rest of us did.

She always does. She wants to be an attorney so she doesn't have to do drywall and insulation. She works so hard in school so she doesn't have to do manual labor later .

She's just Mystery.

My kids all have things they are good at and things they aren't. Forcing Mystery to do construction was a strange way to motivate her, but Ed and I had different goals in this experiment. He needed laborers, I wanted them to see how hard Ed has to work so that they can make smarter decisions for themselves.

Jaid likes it, Justin tolerated it, but Mystery hated it. She got fired after two days but...

She had a babysitting gig within a week. She started the new job today. It's a huge responsibility, and I'm really proud of her. Full care of three little ones including overnights. Wow!

We are all nearby if she needs us, (and yes I checked backgrounds first.) She has been anxious to help out financially, and 50 a day isn't bad. Brooke and I checked on her a few times today, and she's doing great. Even when the power went out, she was fine when I got there.

She believes in herself because I believe in her.

I take some strange paths to educating my kids but sometimes it works.


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