Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Take a Kid, Leave a Kid Moving Things Around

And with the wave of a wand everything changed again.

I wonder sometimes if other peoples lives are half as chaotic as ours. With four kids between us its bound to be complicated at times, but our life certainly seems to be at a level of chaos well beyond your average family. I thought sending my son away to school was best for him but it really wasn't.
He's been back home since Christmas and I've seen a remarkable improvement in his emotional state. He smiles a lot more and that's good.

At first he walked around with his head down and shoulders slumped, the sort of deep rejection that can only come from feeling like you are no longer loved or wanted. It's been hard, seeing him just totally lose direction like that. He just gave up.

Justin has always been my dreamer, pointing out the possibilities in life. It's been good to see him come back.

It's not pleasant to see any of your children struggling. I knew more than anything he needed to regain his faith in himself. He allowed outside forces to take that from him.

People think that bullying is something that happens outside of a child. It isn't, it happens inside.

My son was not the same child anymore. I can't tell you how I missed him. He's cracking jokes again, telling me about his dreams again. He's starting to find his faith in himself again and it makes a mom happy to see.

Jaid is looking into military school. Justin is going to Job Corps this summer when enrollments reopen. Brooke is just trying to figure out who Brooke is, but she is doing a damn fine job of running a business.

Mystery? She's Mystery. Law school always in her sights. 4.0 GPA, Honors classes. It's coming together.

It became official this week, Jaid turned thirteen. For the next eight months we are the parents of four teenagers. One partway out of the nest and fully on the way to finding herself. One getting ready to fly and more determined than ever. One that is planning to fly far away, and the other planning to fly higher than we ever dreamed.

This next few years will be a wild ride. I am betting on it... We've faced some struggles but we must be doing something right.

So at the moment that is two in the home... One here regularly. In case you were counting.

Disclaimer: Population guaranteed to change without notice.


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